Mission Statement

There are restaurants that lead and those that follow. Miti Miti was created with the intention of leading the way in what global restaurants, food, and service should be all about.

During a trip to Bogotá, Colombia in 2002, we had a vision of creating a very different kind of restaurant. A restaurant with a spirit, with enthusiasm, and with a dynamic energy that would match that of the cuisine from a country we love so much.  Our first restaurant, Bogota Latin Bistro, would be based on the basic core values of success and purpose that would drive our efforts to be something very unique in a field of mediocre Latin restaurants.

What has followed since our beginning has been an exciting and joyous exploration of who we are, what we love and what we envision sharing with the world. Our search for greatness has led us to create a restaurant that is more than just a restaurant, but is an experience. This search has repeatedly led to new ways of thinking and doing for us…and for the many who are now part of our workforce. All of these ideas are not just some exercise in fantasy but tangible and sincere components of who we are and what we are creating.

Miti Miti now shares this initial mission. If we do not live up to our “mission” or, more importantly, to your expectations, we would appreciate hearing about your experience. You can email the founders at eat@mitimitinyc.com.