After the enormous success of their Bogota Latin Bistro, co-owners George Constantinou and Farid Ali Lancheros decided to open a sister bar/restaurant that would focus on global cuisine. George and Farid got the idea for Miti Miti from their travels and desire to bring exquisite international delights to the magnificent borough of Brooklyn.

George and Farid, both with no prior experience in starting a business, opened Bogota Bistro in July 2005 after four years of intense research and preparation in opening and managing a restaurant and on creating and building a successful business.

Before opening Bogota, Farid and George attended the Brooklyn Business Library‘s entrepreneurial fair and learned about the library’s inaugural business-plan competition, PowerUP! Citigroup Foundation sponsored the contest for Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs who needed start-up capital. Entrants would attend classes on creating a business plan, budgeting, and marketing and then submit their own business plan.

In late 2003 George and Farid, who spent hundreds of hours at the library scouring reference databases and learning all they could about the restaurant business, took home PowerUP!’s first ever top prize: $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in business-related services.

Although the competition’s top prize was definitely not enough to open a fine restaurant in New York City, winning the competition from amongst a field of 125 applicants certified the vision the partners had for their restaurant.

In 2015, Bogota Latin Bistro celebrated its 10th birthday and George and Farid debuted their newest business venture, Miti Miti. The name comes from the Spanish slang for “half and half” (“mitad y mitad”).

George and Farid look forward to providing their guests with an international “family style” experience, as the menu consists of small and large plates meant to be shared. The Miti Miti experience is meant to evoke not just sharing of food, but sharing of good times, laughter, joy, friendship, great conversation, and memories. The concept for Miti Miti is different, but the values that have made Bogota Latin Bistro a popular dining destination both within and outside of the community remain the same.